Zaanse Schans

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April 2016, Zaanse Schans – Netherlands 

If you find yourself in Amsterdam and have an extra day to spare, you cannot miss Zaanse Schans, a little slice of the Old Holland.


We were longing for some authenticity, history and that countryside feeling in the Netherlands, so started looking for a village nearby.

Not to mention the permanent question I kept repeating (at least) in my head: “Where are the WINDMILLS?” Pretty sure it was also out loud a few times. 🙂

Well, Zaanse Schans had it all: windmills, wooden shoes, cheese and chocolate.


So we’re taking the train from the Amsterdam Central Station and in about 20 minutes we’re already at Zaandijk.

Look for the windmills, cannot miss the place.


On our way we bump into an old Cocoa Factory, and we’re already thrilled.

A few more minutes and the excitement reaches higher notes: traditional wooden Dutch houses, barns, farmsteads with sheep playing around, green fields, and just as you follow the river, 6 working windmills are waiting to be discovered.





We’re climbing to the top like kids. Each one has its own story, almost all of them being brought from different regions of the Netherlands.

You’ll find out more by yourself, but here’s something for your curious spirit: they were used to produce oil, dye or for cutting wood!



The stop at the warehouse where clogs are made, was the highlight of our countryside walk. You can watch how a traditional Dutch shoe is made in about 15 minutes, out of a rough piece of wood.

Couldn’t leave before stopping by the Cheese Factory.

At the end of the day, we’re not leaving empty handed from this little heaven of colours and flavors.

A full bag of cheese and tulip bulbs is coming with us to Amsterdam!



  • Price: the entrance to the park is free of charge, but you have to pay separately for the entry to each mill: 3-4 EUR/person, or a little extra (2 EUR) to climb to the top;
  • Time: exploring the whole place could easily take 3-4 hours, especially if you make stops at the souvenir shops and demonstration workshops;
  • Advice: the area is quite windy and temperatures lower than in Amsterdam, so make sure you put some extra layers on you.

Happy travels and stay safe!

18 thoughts on “Zaanse Schans

    1. Aaa…Sonia, ce dragut sa ne ‘revedem’ aici, virtual 🙂
      Ba daaa..iti dai seama…mereu cand ajung intr-un loc asa frumos ma gandesc ca as putea ramane :)) si pe urma ajung intr-un altul si imi place si acolo :))) Aici la Zaanse Schans am vazut multi cu case de vacanta, veniti de la oras..era asa liniste si verdeata peste tot…Iti dai seama ca sondez terenul pentru cand ne-om retrage si noi din tumultul orasului :d
      Te puup!


    1. :)) haha atunci sa il duci primavara, inspre luna mai asa 🙂 sunt si lalelele de la Keukenhof inflorite, si campurile pline de flori…Mie mi-a placut maxim ca city-break, am zis ca vrem sa mergem in fiecare an prin cate un orasel sau satuc din Olanda:))


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