Waterland, North Holland

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August 2017, Waterland – Netherlands

Have I mentioned how much i LOVE the Netherlands?

If not, here I am, Dutch for sure in a former life, confessing i’m madly crazy about the lovely fishing villages, cheese, tulip-fields, windmills and everything in between.

And if last year we were tasting just a little bit of the city feeling, this year was time for more authenticity in the smaller towns.

So, Waterland, North Holland it is.


Not a minute to spare, as soon as we land, we’re running to the Central Station, the place making your dream come true. 30 minutes on the comfy EBS bus, and a whole land of green comes into sight.

We’re so thrilled, that we get off 1 stop before Volendam. But oh, well… a little exercise didn’t hurt anyone.



Besides, some peaceful locals are welcoming us all the way.


As we’re getting closer, the spell starts to take over my brain.

Authentic perfect little houses surround the splendid harbor. All you have to do is walk and listen to the sound of a good life. I could get used to that.








Next stop: Edam. Oh there’s a story about getting there.

We patiently wait for the bus. First one passes by. No stop. We move to another station, thinking we were not waiting where we should have. 15 more minutes. Second bus passes by. No stop. Ok, it’s time to literally Google search how to stop a bus in Holland. Eye contact to the driver, hand waving, anything to let him know you want to go in. Third time we’re in luck.

Next thing I know, we get down in Edam. Edam, like the cheese? YES. 🙂

The cheeses from this little town have been traded to all corners of the Earth for centuries. Shipbuilding and trading started here around the 12th century!








Built around IJsselmeer lake, with cobblestone streets and beautiful authentic 17th century architecture, quiet canals, Edam has just reached my top 3 in Holland.



Leaving Waterland is pretty hard after having a first taste of it. But there’s always something left to come back to.

See you next time, DREAMland!



We purchased the EBS Waterland ticket from the Central Station, at the Ticket information center, for 10 EUR/day/person.

You have to walk along the main station, go 1 level up, behind platforms 14/15, and look for the red EBS buses.

Happy travels and stay safe!

28 thoughts on “Waterland, North Holland

    1. Ohh..you definitely should! I tried Amsterdam for the first time, but now i’m more into the little villages and the northern Holland. Stay posted,2 more stories about Netherlands are coming soon! 🙂 I recommend Keukenhof for the tulip fields in spring, Kinderdijk and Zaanse Schans for the windmills, Edam and Volendam for the countryside feeling. Safe and happy travels! Let me know if u like it when u get there!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow, that’s a lot of suggestions. I am making notes now and will refer to your blog when the chance to visit Netherlands comes up. Looking fwd to read more in the meantime. Cheers!

        Liked by 1 person

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