5 fun activities in Warsaw, Poland

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August 2019, Warsaw – Poland

Proud capital of Poland, Warsaw is a city reborn from its own ashes. Still recovering after damages of the War and Communist era, nowadays it has a royal but modern look.

From its colorful old town and cutting edge city center, to castles, palaces and gardens spread around the city, there’s a lot to explore here. We loved Warsaw!

Here’s 5 fun activities you can try in Warsaw, Poland.


Take a free walking tour of the Old Town and New Town

Through the most important sights like the Royal Castle, Saint John’s Cathedral, the Old Town Market, the city walls and the New Town you will stroll between past and present.

In between, you will pass by the building where the 2-Nobel prize winner Marie Curie studied for a while, and by the house of the famous composer Chopin.





Go on with your journey and discover the futuristic City Center.





Experiment at Copernicus center

The Copernicus Science Center is one of the most modern science centers in Europe. They have all sorts of interesting exhibitions, great for experimenting for a few hours. You can end the day in style, by watching a 3-D movie on the curved cupola of the Planetarium.



Jump in a time machine on your way back home! This is just one of the entrances to the subway platform.


Wander the Lazienki park

This gorgeous place is now Warsaw’s largest park. Originally built in the 17th century as a baths park for a nobleman, it was transformed in the 18th century by Poland’s last monarch as a setting for palaces, villas, follies and monuments. The main palace sits on an artificial island and features stunning architecture.

It takes half a day to stroll around the whole park, but you’ll discover hidden treasures inside. It’s beautiful on a sunny day!












Step back in time in the Dollhouse Museum

This little house is truly a hidden gem of the city. Open the door and you will discover hundreds of miniature houses, furniture and figurines through a span of decades and cultures.

A nostalgic journey for your inner child!


Rise above the city

If you want to end your stay with a 360 panorama of the city, book your ticket to the observation deck at the 30th floor of the Palace of Science and Culture.
Finished in 1955 by russian workers, as a gift from Stalin, the building was considered a symbol of socialism for a long time. Nowadays, it is home of theatres, cinemas, museums and other cultural events.



The view from 114 meters above the ground is spectacular. Plus, if you already had a feeling there are no cars in traffic from ground level, now you’ll have your proof.

People walk, take the public transportation, use bikes or Lime electric scooters to move around. For somebody coming from a city with huge traffic, the lack of cars is the best view you can get.






Well, that’s about it for a few days. Leave your expectations at home, because Warsaw will be better than anything you had in mind! 😀



Where to eat in Warsaw

We looked for small traditional restaurants to taste a little bit of everything. Mixing up Polish, Uzbek and Ukrainian food during our stay was a feast for senses!

Here are some places we loved:

  • Folk Gospoda for traditional Polish cuisine
  • Ikat Uzbek restaurant
  • Siostr Ukrainian restaurant







(1 EUR = 4.34 PLN)

  • Accomodation

90 EUR/day/double room at city center hotel, breakfast included

This one time we wanted to be close to everything and picked Holiday Inn, a 4-stars hotel in the city center. But you’ll find decent rooms starting with 50 EUR/night or even less in the areas outside the center.

  • Food

~30-50 PLN/1 course/pers

10 PLN/1 beer

  • Transportation

3.4 PLN/pers for a 20 min. journey by bus/tram/metro

  • Entrance tickets

Lazienki full day pass 45 PLN/pers (visiting the park is for free; the full ticket includes entrance to the Palace on the Isle, the Old Orangery with the Royal Theatre, the Myślewicki Palace and the Museum of Hunting and Horsemanship)

Planetarium 27 PLN/pers for 3D movie

Copernicus Center 31 PLN/pers

Dollhouse Museum 20 PLN/pers

Observation deck 20 PLN/pers

Don’t miss the free walking tour of Warsaw.

Happy travels and stay safe!

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  1. A Warsaw in a nutshell! As a citizen for over 14 years I couldn’t think of better ways of spending a few days in this city. Well written and nicely captured on the photographs. 🙂

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