Our Story


Mix together two passionate travellers, add a little touch of adventure, travel facts and funny stories, and this is how the HaiHui* Story started to take shape.

*[hai-hui = “wanderlust” in our language]

Anita is the researcher (Sherlock would be proud), planner and storyteller behind the blog. Geo makes everything look good in photos (including myself!) and becomes a human GPS when we get lost. 🙂

We’re full-time IT enthusiasts. We work, save and make travel happen.

In January 2018 we booked one-way tickets, took our backpacks and left cozy old Europe, for (hopefully) the greatest adventure of our lives: South America.

We hope you’ll stay with us along the way! 🙂

Planning where to go next, exploring the past and the present, and ultimately discovering ourselves along the journey, are the things that bring happiness and meaning to our life.

This is our way of sharing with you, dear curious traveller, what we experience in our trips. You might find useful travel budgets, itinerary maps, where to stay/eat, what to do, or, who knows, a place or two you haven’t been to, yet!

Anita & Geo, World explorers