Legoland – back to childhood!

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April 2015, Legoland Deutschland – Germany

There’s always time to remember your childhood dreams and make them happen!

Ok, maybe going to a Michael Jackson concert is out of the question, but you might still find some little hidden wishes around there. Anything?

Having this in mind, the idea of looking for the closest Lego park seemed a bit crazy, but soooo exciting. You know that a good idea is always crazy, until it’s not anymore. 🙂

Said and done: plane tickets to München (we actually spent here a couple of days), train tickets  München – Günzburg, online tickets to Legoland Deutschland. Everything checked.

You can easily buy train tickets and park entrance tickets on the spot, no worries. Once you arrive in Günzburg, a shuttle bus takes you from the train station to Legoland in about 15-20 minutes, and you don’t have to pay anything if you show your online reservation to the park.

Finally, getting there is a dream come true.




Did you know that the park used over 50 million lego bricks? Or that the LEGO word comes from the Danish expression “leg godt” (play well)?


For us, the highlight of Legoland was Miniland, where major European cities and landscapes are built in lego. Simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

You can actually make many of the vehicles/animals/people move by hitting a button. Star Wars fans won’t be disappointed: a large Yoda and Darth Vader are expecting you.





Step by step, we discover the other surprises of the park and the age is fading away:

  • The Pirate Land – boat ride where you shoot targets using a water gun
  • Lego Factory – tour of how lego bricks are made
  • The Observation Tower – 40+ m high rotation tower with a panoramic view
  • The Kingdom of the Pharaohs – ride on a jeep and go on a laser treasure hunt

And these are only a few we remember right now.




Mix and match

Our 1-day adventure ends after 5 incredible hours of fun and genuine happiness. We couldn’t miss the Lego Factory store, where you can mix and match any lego pieces you want out of a couple of thousands (and pay at the way out for each piece).

After almost 1 hour search, we finally built a horse, a knight and his princess, and took them home.


Travel Tips

  • The park opens in April and closes in November
  • Online tickets are better if you want to avoid the queues, and also cheaper than at the gate; we payed 31 € each
  • Prices, transportation info and schedules are available on their website

Happy travels and stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Legoland – back to childhood!

  1. So kewl to see a Legoland somewhere else. We go quite often with season tickets in Florida, and I’ve been to the one in Dallas and Atlanta. The structures there have so much more character than just skyscrapers and the vegas strip, so much history. LOVE IT!

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    1. 🙂 Happy you like it! We’re huuuge fans of Lego since childhood, so we had to go there! And this one from Germany is the closest for us. Hope we’ll get to the ones you mentioned some day. 🙂 Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

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