The fortress of Alba Iulia: ALBA CAROLINA

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December 2015, Alba Iulia – Romania

No other Transylvanian city gathered so many historical crucial events.

No other Romanian town has so many cultural, military, administrative, political and religious meanings, hidden within its walls.

Its heart happens to be a seven-point star shaped Medieval Citadel with baroque ornamented gates, the Greatest Bastion fortress in Romania.

The same place happens to be a 2000 years old Roman Castrum, built in the 2nd century A.D.

This is Alba Carolina Fortress in Alba Iulia!

And we just happened to be there, on a beautiful day of December 1st.  




I’ll be honest and say the whole area is so well restored and maintained, looks so royal and brings to life so much history in one place, that took us by surprise.

Do not miss the entry to the Tour: The route of the three fortifications will guide you through Roman settlements, the Saxon Bastion, Weaponry and Knights’ Chambers, the Prison cell and Torture place, the Anti-mine Tunnel and beautiful surroundings each step you take.

If you are lucky, you will witness the Guard Changing ceremony. Or just meet the beautiful, well-groomed horses, resting at the stables.









At the end of the day we were walking through little pieces of our past in the Hall of the National Union Museum, putting it all together like a puzzle. I will not forget the original papers, bound in 6 volumes, in which Transylvania provinces were calling out the Union with the Old Kingdom. It happened right there, almost 100 years ago.


We’re heading home now, grateful for the unexpected places that pop out in the way and eventually make the best moments of our journey.

Thank you, Alba Iulia.





Travel Tips

  • The Three Fortifications Tour of Alba Carolina Fortress costs less than 4 euros.
  • If you’re traveling by car, make a stop at the fairytale Huniazilor Castle in Hunedoara! It’s only 1 hour drive from Alba Iulia.
  • We found a beautiful place to stay and eat in Sebes: Karlhof, a 120 year-old guest house, impeccably restored and elegantly decorated.

Happy travels and stay safe!

5 thoughts on “The fortress of Alba Iulia: ALBA CAROLINA

    1. Hello dears! The changing of the guard took place even from the Roman period, since 106 AD !:) Then, as a defense fortress, it hosted the Habsburg and Romanian armies, and the ceremony kept going. So yeah…a tradition it is! 🙂 You should definitely go there if you visit Romania some time!

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