Explore western Romania – Timișoara

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December 2016, Timișoara – Romania

Are you looking for places to explore in western Romania? This article is for you.

First European city with electrical street lighting, 1884: that’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Timișoara.

It’s also called The First Free City, where the sparks of the Revolution against the Romanian communist regime were set off in 1989.



Since then, the city evolved in its own pace. Romanians, together with Hungarians, Germans, Serbians, Jews and others built an interesting mosaic: mixed traditions, cuisine, way of life, character, respect.

Formed at the confluence of civilizations, the city sets an example of multiculturalism: the Roman Catholic Cathedral faces the Serbian Orthodox Church across the Unirii square.

Last year we visited Timișoara for the first time, and we loved it!


Here’s why this is a perfect base to begin exploring the Banat region in Romania.

Start with one of the most iconic buildings in the city, Timișoara Orthodox Cathedral. Both outside and interior decorations are beautiful, and you can have a moment of peace for yourself.


Take a walk in the Roses Park, right beside the Bega river.


Do not miss the colorful Unirii Square, home to the Roman-Catholic Cathedral, the Baroque Palace, the Serbian Orthodox Episcopal Cathedral, Brück House, the Holy Trinity Column, the mineral water fountain.

A drink at one of the many cafes around the edge is a great way to spend time here, and just enjoy the amazing view.










On top of the great atmosphere and very nice people, add the first snowfall, that we witnessed on a beautiful morning of December 1st. All covered in white. Frozen. Quiet. Just you and your thoughts. And the whole ground beneath, getting ready for a long sleep.

Good morning, Timișoara!




Love food? No better place than Timișoara to try diverse and delicious cuisine.

We tried some traditional dishes not so easy to forget. The first name that comes to mind is Casa Bunicii, where we literally went each day of our stay.

Do not miss the delicious Serbian burgers (pleskavita) at Dinar Restaurant. This was our second discovery of traditional food: chicken soup with homemade noodles, beef goulash, knuckle with beans, a Serbian burger plate, warm bread, pear brandy. What else can you ask for?



Happy travels and stay safe!

9 thoughts on “Explore western Romania – Timișoara

    1. Wow, so happy u liked it!!! The car traffic is quite an inconvenient in Romania, but once you get to the the smaller and beautiful cities as Brasov and can walk around by foot, that’s totally worth it! 🙂

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      1. Da, bucură-te că şi noi ne bucurăm. Ne facem noi tot felul de idei şi planuri cu România însă nu ştiu ce se întâmplă că dupâ o scurtă perioadă trăită acolo iar vrem să plecăm. :)) Na, noi recomandăm România cât de mult putem. Şi abia atunci când o facem ne dăm seama că de fapt acolo e acasă şi mereu acolo va fi casa noastră, cel puțin în sufletele noastre. Până una, alta ne bucurăm de ce trăim aici! 😊

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