Madrid 1 day walking itinerary

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March 2018, Madrid – Spain

From delicious food and great weather to lots of historical sights, you will discover the pace of a relaxed life in Madrid. It’s culture and entertainment in one single place.

Having a limited amount of time to discover a new city can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, with this short guide you will make the most of your time in Madrid.


Here is our recommended itinerary for 1 day walking around Madrid:

  • Plaza Major
  • San Miguel Market
  • World’s oldest restaurant
  • Almudena Cathedral
  • Royal Palace
  • Segovia Viaduct
  • Parque del Buen Retiro


The landing

After a 12-hours turbulent flight, with our eyes swallowed from non-stop movie watching and our bodies stiff and frozen, we set foot in Madrid on a sunny afternoon. As soon as we reach the surface, all the bad symptoms seem to wash away, just like waking up after a bad dream.

I don’t know if it was just the happiness of safely landing to European land after 3 months being away from the old continent, but Madrid gave us back all our senses! 🙂


1-day walking itinerary

Start your tour in Plaza Major, the place where public torture and executions were held during Spanish Inquisition. Nowadays, this small square is a meeting place for both locals and tourists. Take a seat at a terrace, order some tapas and beer. Admire the spectacular buildings, while the crowds pass by.



Head out to San Miguel Market, Madrid’s gastronomic temple. The very best merchants and gourmands meet daily on the only iron market that still remains intact. You’ll be amazed by the abundance of the finest traditional products!


Even if you don’t have a reservation, it is worth stopping by Sobrino de Botin. Founded in 1725, it is the oldest restaurant continuously operating in the world, officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. Its famous roast suckling pig is mentioned in a Hemingway novel!


Walk some more, to check out the royal buildings in town. You will pass by the Almudena, Madrid’s famous cathedral.


Then you will stumble upon the Royal Palace. If you don’t pay a ticket to visit the interior, the surroundings are nice as well.




Rest your feet near Segovia Viaduct, one of the iconic places of Madrid. Also known as the bridge of suicides, it’s mentioned in several novels and Almodovar movies!


You can end the day in one of the largest parks of Madrid, El Retiro. Built initially for the royal Monarchy in the late 19th century, now it’s a beautiful relaxation oasis enjoyed by the public.

Do not miss the Crystal Palace, a marvelous construction made almost entirely of glass.







Where to eat in Madrid

You won’t suffer from hunger in Madrid, that’s for sure.

My mouth already starts watering at the thought of endless rows of tapas, glasses of sangria wine and thousands of cafes and restaurants with delicious food around the city.

It’s clear you will just scratch the surface during your city break. Here’s what we tried and we can recommend:

La Rollerie – breakfast




De Maria Opera – breakfast and lunch



Chocolateria San Gines – churros and hot chocolate since 1894!

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  • Accomodation

55 EUR/night/double room

We stayed at Room007 Select Sol, near Opera metro station.

  • Food

25-30 EUR/pers/day

  • Local Transportation

You will find here the updated prices.

Happy travels & stay safe!

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