Groningen sightseeing during the pandemic

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January 2021 – Groningen, Netherlands

We never imagined we would travel almost exclusively in the Netherlands in our first year here. But hey, gotta make the most of it.

So how was Groningen sightseeing during the pandemic?

This trip was like a breath of fresh air in these gray days. A bit different compared to old times travel, but totally worth it.

If you love peace, quiet and nature, the northern Dutch province of Groningen is a wonderful sightseeing destination.

On the other hand, Groningen is a lively city that has much to offer in terms of culture and events, beautiful historic monuments, great shopping districts and excellent restaurants. So there is something for every taste.

What exactly did we do with everything closed? Long walks in nature, good coffee to go and delicious takeaways for lunch. In short, the city quickly became our home away from home.

Here’s a glimpse into beautiful Groningen.

Noorderplantsoen Park

One of the finest green areas in Groningen, Noorderplantsoen, contains approximately 1 km of beautiful sculptured land just perfect for a sunny day outside. Add to that one of the few coffee-to-go places that were open during the pandemic, and i was all in!

From jogging, walking the dog, exercising, listening to music or just sitting on a bench watching the spectacle of nature in front of you, this park is an escape from the busy city life.


Whoever said that Netherlands is boring should definitely travel more! 😊

The north-western edge of Groningen is full of colorful Scandinavian houses lined up just like on an exhibition. And we were the happiest to walk around the small harbour just to admire them from every single angle.

Grote Markt

The Martinitoren (Martini Tower) and City Hall are the two most prominent buildings in Groningen and they are both situated on the town square Grote Markt.

Apart from that, we got lost on the busy or not so popular streets of Groningen center, with no certain destination in mind. Needless to say, we were always in awe staring at beautifully designed houses, immense ships stationed along the canals, or simply old restored buildings with a story to tell.

There’s a certain young vibe that you feel from day one in Groningen, because of the large number of students. And by large i mean a quarter of the population!

Hailed “the youngest city in The Netherlands” due to the high student population density, Groningen is a great place to learn and also have fun.

We’re a bit past that age, but i surely remembered the youth spirit while staying in Groningen.


Just an hour drive from Groningen, you will discover the secrets of the star shaped village Bourtange.

It’s not just a star-shaped fortress: it’s a series of concentric moats. Which makes it so fun to climb onto the walls and have the whole village at your feet.

I’ll keep the full story for a future post.😊 Or you can just search about it.

At the end of the day, Groningen was a great base to recharge even in these times of the pandemic. Sweet reminder to live, love and enjoy the little things in life.

Safe travels!

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