Bacharach – the scenic base of the Rhine Valley

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October 2021 – Bacharach, Germany

Considering the Rhine Valley for a weekend getaway will start a vast search that could never end. 🙂 But worry no more, there are plenty of choices. This time we picked Bacharach and it did not disappoint.

One of the prettiest of the Rhine villages, tiny Bacharach hides its charm behind a 14th-century wall. What to do around? Endless possibilities.

Start the chilly morning in complete quietness. With a fresh coffee in hand, step outside on the balcony and admire the medieval old town filled with half-timbered buildings rising through mist. Feels like the world stood still. Only the clock of the old church breaks the silence every now and then, like a nostalgic timekeeper.

Use the afternoon energy wisely. Embark on a thrilling bike journey following the river line, and stop by majestic castles on your way. There is at least a dozen beautiful castles sitting on every peak around Bacharach, each with its own story to tell.

Then ride the hilly side of town to reach the vineyards. Having the whole valley glowing under the gentle touch of sun just before dusk is the perfect postcard image to take home.

Climb some more until you have unlimited view over the Rhine Valley from the tower at Postenturm.
End the night in style with a wine tasting experience. Ideally with friends, that’s the best combination.

And with this journey, we probably end the traveling season for now. As always, winter offers room for reflection but also resting, healing, setting wheels in motion for what’s next.

If i had to look back today, the only thing i would say is…what a carousel year. Realising that even a single event and how we respond to it might change us fundamentally, we want it or not. Just as the first ray of sunshine after a cold winter, there is light eventually after each painful growth cycle. Or at least hope is what makes us keep going. Just be patient and go through it till the end.

Feel your emotions, live your passions and, above all, keep a still mind.

Find yourself. Be true. Be kind.
Wishing you all peaceful holidays, wherever you are.❤️

Safe travels!

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