Top things to do in San Cassiano, Dolomites

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September 2022 – San Cassiano, Italy

Tucked between spectacular peaks of the Dolomites mountains, at a height of 1537 meters, lies the charming little village of San Cassiano.

From exclusive hotels to family run B&Bs, fine dining options including one Michelin star restaurant, impeccable infrastucture for roadtrips and many attractions wherever you look around, this is the perfect place for a holiday in the mountains all year round.

We chose San Cassiano as travel base for our stay in the Dolomites and could not be happier with the choice. In fact, we loved it so much that we decided to share some tips with you.

No idea what are the top things to do in San Cassiano? Here is our guide for having fun in the mountains. 🙂

Museum Ladin Ursus ladinicus

What do you know, the region is not only geographically interesting, but also historically. Right in the centre of San Cassiano you will stumble upon the Ladin museum, holding proofs of the history and culture of Alta Badia. The finding of the prehistorical cave bear Ursus Ladinicus, dated 90 000 years ago, has been an incredibly important event in the area and inspired the museum’s name.

Combining a rainy day with learning cool stuff at the museum turns out not bad at all.

Museum Of The Great War

Just a short bus ride away lies another proof of the past. A walk through the trenches and the exhibit showing the life of Italian soldiers during the Great War is hard to forget afterwards. These mountains have witnessed everything.

Hike to Castalta viewpoint

Every morning starts with frantically checking the weather app. It’s becoming a routine, just like having coffee. We decide to try our luck with a short hike. Leave fully equipped and, after not more than 10 minutes along the away, come back soaking wet. Change, wait, set out again.

By the time the sun is finally up and glowing on a perfectly clear sky (not for long), we exit the villa and finally start the trail towards La Crusc/Santa Croce.

Reach Castalta viewpoint just in time to watch the whole valley breathing. Seconds after capturing the most stunning sunset frame, dark clouds cover it all up. Time to run.

You might be wondering how we returned to the village. Drenched, of course. 🙂 It was worth it.

Explore Alta Badia

This is something to do for full sunny days: take the cable car up to Rifugio Piz Sorega and from up there the world is yours!

Making your way through lush nature, searching for magnificent peaks, having a delicious Ladin meal or a wine at one of the huts from time to time is the perfect day for mountaineers. It felt incredible to just be that for a while.

Back home

No doubt, it was an unforgettable trip in the Dolomites. I could easily highlight the spectacular landscapes, amazing food, getting out of the comfort zone or the general state of well being while living a simple life.

But what i remember the most is the feeling of waking up in the Dolomites. Mornings are magical. Those lazy few seconds of being half-asleep and looking out the window for the first time… For one precious moment it all feels good in the world and everything you want seems possible.

Wishing you all a special 2023. Make that change, pursue that dream. Bring magical moments into your life.

Happy new year!🥂

3 thoughts on “Top things to do in San Cassiano, Dolomites

    1. Aw thank you Hannah! Being there was a really special experience for us, i’m truly grateful to have made this dream happen this year. Wish you wonderful holidays, enjoy whatever comes next!😊


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