5 Peculiar things in Amsterdam

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April 2016, Amsterdam – Netherlands 

Everybody knows one or two things about Amsterdam: coffeeshops, the red light district. Maybe you heard it has kilometers of water canals and more than a thousand bridges.



Let me share with you some peculiar things we found out, while walking around the city. It’s amazing how much you learn, when you actually talk to people.

More bikes than residents

There are more than 800 000 bicycles in Amsterdam. Basically everybody’s on two wheels! The city looks very eco-friendly and so alive, with thousands of bikes moving rapidly around you. It’s a delight to be part of this cool rhythm.




The name of Amsterdam means “the dam on the river Amstel”. Quite simple, right? There’s the same catch with the other names. You’ll easily find: the Old Church, the New Church, Southern Church, Northern Church, Western Church, Eastern Church and so on.




The Church and the Red Light District are not accidentally placed one next to other

The Old Church stands right in the heart of the Red Light District. Back in the Middle Ages, when Amsterdam was a trading harbor, sailors from all over the world were driven by the women carrying red lanterns, offering entertainment. It is said that one more stop was made, before embarking on the ships again: to the church, to pay for redemption. You wouldn’t have thought about it, right? 🙂


Furniture is moved in and out of the house through the windows

Many buildings dating from the 17th or 18th century seem to be leaning forward. But they were built like that together with a pulling system, to easily pull up their furniture and goods, and prevent them from being smashed into the window. Why bother squeezing them on the stairs, up to the last floors? Clever, I would say.



Sinking houses

On the other hand, you will see crooked houses all over the city. They are just sinking unevenly into the swampy ground. Do not worry, as long as they are tightly packed together, everything’s fine.



Special thanks

We wouldn’t have discovered what I just shared with you, without the Sandeman’s New Europe free tour of Amsterdam. You can find them in the major European cities, and hear stories you won’t read about anywhere else. Oh and have fun along the walk. Thank you, guys.



  • We found a perfect place to stay here if you want to be close to the airport (~10-15 min. by sprinter/train): Motel One Amsterdam, located in a quiet area of the city. There’s also the bus station right in front of the hotel; in about 30 min. you’ll reach the city center.
  • The Heineken Experience Tour in the first brewery in Amsterdam is a must-see (&taste) spot. We loved it!



Happy travels and stay safe!

29 thoughts on “5 Peculiar things in Amsterdam

  1. Moving through the windows? We can vouch for that cos’ we did that while living in Amsterdam! LOL. Pity did not take photos of the action…
    Wow, 800k bikes. Did not know that!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You take very nice pictures. I loved Amsterdam. When we went there two years ago, we bought a multiday pass, which allowed us to go to many museums for free. We went to close to 19 or so. Loved it all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, what a packed city tour you had ! We only walked around for a 1-2 days, then escaped to the countryside, and to the tulip fiels! 🙂 Pretty nice too! We’re planning to go back this year! Thanks for the nice words, actually my boyfriend Geo is the one taking the pictures:) I’m the storyteller:))

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great post! Reminded me of our trip last year to Amsterdam!
    I absolutely loved everything about Amsterdam: the bikes, canals, architecture..
    Aaaaand I always thought the “Furniture is moved in and out of the house through the windows” was a joke! lol
    Thanks for sharing ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwwh…so happy you like it !!!:) You know, out of all the countries in Europe, Holland has a special place in my heart: eco-friendly, lovely canals, bicycles, relaxed people…and Amsterdam is my fav. city. Really thinking of moving there at some point! Regarding the peculiar things, every one of them is for real:)) could’n believe it at first either:) We’re going there for the second time this year, hope to make it a yearly visiting habit until we move there:)) Thanks for dropping by! Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A yearly visit to Amsterdam! That sound like heaven 🙌🏿 too bad I like halfway across the world!
        Have fun and stay inspired!
        ~Leen 🌷

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, happy to help! 🙂 We’ve been traveling to the Netherlands in the last 2 years, that much we love it! Just realised i have’n seen Amsterdam this year, have to do something about that :)))


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