The windmills of Kinderdijk

Let the windmills’ obsession begin! 😀

Starting the day with a delicious breakfast in Amsterdam, taking the train to Rotterdam, wandering the city by foot up to the Erasmus Bridge, going on a fun water ride on Maas river, are just the prerequisites of finally reaching Kinderdijk! :))

But ooh…it’s so worth it! 🙂




Picture this: 19 beautiful windmills built around 1740 stand here in a perfect setup to prevent the low land Alblasserwaard from flooding.

What?! How?

I was mindblown to find out these people have invented an ingenious water management system! 🙂



So…you have winds? Yes. Too much water? That also. Why not combine the two, use the wind power to pump the extra water in the canals, and drain the polders. :))

This totally changes the way you explore the area, declared UNESCO World Heritage for a good reason.


And because best things in life are for free, we enter the magical lands of Kinderdijk with no worries and a lot of hope. Time passes by differently when you have a camera and a whole new scenery at your feet.

So we’re taking the pedestrian road (do not mess with the bicycles! :)) ).

Windmills spread left and right as our sight can reach, lakes and lovely waterlilies in bloom, authentic courtyards from back when the dyke was inhabited, make a perfect day outside the city.












There is no reason to mention that we barely caught the LAST waterbus back to Rotterdam. 🙂



Going to Kinderdijk by water is the fastest way from Rotterdam. Look for the waterbus no. 20 , on the platform under the Erasmus bridge. You can purchase the tickets after you get in. Change at the second stop with a smaller Kinderdijk waterbus. Price: 4 EUR + 1.7 EUR one way/person.


August 2017, Kinderdijk – Netherlands



19 thoughts on “The windmills of Kinderdijk

    1. Oh, thank you so much! Geo is quite passionate about photography, lucky me :))) You’ve written about a lot of places we’ve never been to (America/Afria/Asia), so i have a lot to read on your blog as well:)) Thanks for dropping by, safe travels!

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