The windmills of Kinderdijk

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August 2017, Kinderdijk – Netherlands 

Let the windmills’ obsession begin! 😀

Starting the day with a delicious breakfast in Amsterdam, taking the train to Rotterdam, wandering the city by foot up to the Erasmus Bridge, going on a fun water ride on Maas river, are just the prerequisites of finally reaching Kinderdijk.




Picture this: 19 beautiful windmills built around 1740 stand here in a perfect setup to prevent the low land Alblasserwaard from flooding.

What?! How? I was mindblown to find out these people have invented an ingenious water management system.



So you have winds? Yes. Too much water? That as well. Why not combine the two, use the wind power to pump the extra water in the canals, and drain the polders.

This totally changes the way you explore the area, declared UNESCO World Heritage for a good reason.


And because best things in life are for free, we enter the magical lands of Kinderdijk with no worries and a lot of hope. Time passes by differently when you have a camera and a new scenery at your feet.

So we’re taking the pedestrian road (do not mess with the bicycles!).

Windmills spread left and right as our sight can reach, lakes and lovely waterlilies in bloom, authentic courtyards from back when the dyke was inhabited, make a perfect day outside the city.











No surprise that we barely caught the LAST waterbus back to Rotterdam. 🙂


Going to Kinderdijk by water is the fastest way from Rotterdam. Look for the Waterbus no. 20, on the platform under the Erasmus bridge. You can purchase the tickets after you get in. Change at the second stop with a smaller Kinderdijk waterbus (price: 4 EUR + 1.7 EUR one way/person).

Happy travels and stay safe!

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    1. Oh, thank you so much! Geo is quite passionate about photography, lucky me :))) You’ve written about a lot of places we’ve never been to (America/Afria/Asia), so i have a lot to read on your blog as well:)) Thanks for dropping by, safe travels!

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