Rotterdam in 1 day

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August 2017, Rotterdam – Netherlands 

I admit, we had bigger plans than just walking around the city, when decided to head to Rotterdam.


I knew the fastest way to get to the windmills’ heaven in Kinderdijk, was by water. And where else to start the journey than from Europe’s busiest port?


Coming from Amsterdam, and first setting foot in Rotterdam is simply a WOW feeling. There is absolutely no resemblance between the two.

Razed to the ground by World War II bombers, the city is being rebuilt ever since: modern, postmodern and contemporary constructions mix perfectly together in a futuristic look.





As we walk into the heart of the city, the white cable-stayed dramatic Erasmusbrug (Erasmus bridge) comes into sight. The Swan, as the Dutch nicknamed it, links everything together by spanning across the Maas river more than 800 meters.


But the real fun begins as we take the waterbus.


Honestly, I could have spent the whole day on the deck, inhaling the fresh air. Plus, you can get off along the way to explore the surroundings by foot or bike, visit the nearby cities and Dutch polders.

These people know how to properly use the land. They even reclaim it from the water.

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y … we get off at Kinderdijk. I’ve waited so much for this, there’s no room for anything else for today. You guessed right, that’s another story to tell.


Note to self: next time, the mandatory stop will definitely be Dordrecht, one of Netherland’s oldest towns.

The end of the day finds us walking along the river, being part of the general murmur of the city: joggers, tons of bicycles, wanderers like us.


A last treat for today?

Well, the forest of 45-degree-tilted, cube-shape apartments is the most interesting piece of architecture I have ever seen. Do not miss the Cube Houses.




So much modernity for 1 day has made us totally forget about the food.

Next thing you know, we’re already at the fancy Popocatepetl, table full of Mexican goodies I can’t even remember the names. But I know for sure it’s the greatest way to end this day.


Happy travels and stay safe!

9 thoughts on “Rotterdam in 1 day

    1. Getting to Kinderdijk is pretty easy from Rotterdam, around 30 min. by waterbus. And it’s a lovely area, with 19 windmills, exactly as they were built in the 18th century! So yeah, lots to do around Rotterdam 🙂

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