The perfect European city break you’ve probably never thought of: Varazdin and Zagreb

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June 2017, Varazdin&Zagreb – Croatia

There’s much more to discover in Eastern Europe than the old favorites Budapest and Prague. I cannot feel more proud for nailing down both the former & present capitals of Croatia in the same day.

Have you considered Varazdin and Zagreb? It’s the perfect European city break for the weekend.


I confess, we were on the road to Zagreb and only stopped in Varazdin for a short walk. Not really on the beaten track, I know, but you won’t regret it.



A 10 minutes walk is enough to realize you’ve landed to a medieval, compact and relaxed 21-century fairytale, with gorgeous Baroque architecture.

The immaculate cobblestone city-center is just perfect for pedestrian walks.




Picture this: young people, bicycles, parks and good music. No wonder Varazdin has become an important IT hub in Croatia.




In 1 hour we reach the surprising, unfairly missed by tourists capital, Zagreb.


We check in, and immediately go outside, not a minute to spare. So much beauty all around. And not referring to buildings. Zagreb women are charming. Even a girl can admit that. 🙂

This city really deserves more than 1 night. But what to do when there’s so much to explore on the Dalmatian coast.

The plan is simple: the upper Old Town and lower Modern Town meet in between, in the Main Square.



Go up first, there are splendid cobblestone streets and coloured tiled roofs. And the city view is lovely.



Looking for some nice landmarks around here?

Admire the beautiful Church of St. Mark’s, or check out the peculiar Museum of broken relationships.


While on the square, you can climb to the Observation Deck, enjoy the greatest panoramic view of the city, have a drink and play boardgames.

Zagreb Eye is my favorite hot spot in Zagreb. Loved it so much, that we climbed the tower twice, for both day and night views.


Later on, the party begins. These people know how to enjoy the night.



The next morning we are making our way out of the city, together with everybody else chaotically driving to work. No wonder we almost hit the car three times!

Next stop: Plitvice Lakes National Park.

You can find here our summer cross-country roadtrip itinerary: costs&map included.

Happy travels and stay safe!

13 thoughts on “The perfect European city break you’ve probably never thought of: Varazdin and Zagreb

      1. Oh I haven’t been to Croatia but it’s been on my list for like years because of the beaches. I’ve read so much about the beaches that I’ve always wanted to visit but Europe is so far away for me so it shall have to wait till I decide to travel around Europe…hehehe…plenty of places to explore still. 🙂

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  1. Zagreb isn’t somewhere I’ve considered visiting before – mainly because I didn’t think there was much there to do! Apparently I was wrong though, haha – I love all of your suggestions, and am going to reconsider adding Zagreb to my list of places to go 🙂 x

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