Best of 2017. Travel tips. What’s next.

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10 countries, 12 flights, an adventurous 3000 km summer roadtrip, making new friends on the road, tasting delicious food, capturing on camera all the awesome experiences around Europe. That’s the 2017 summary for us.

Remember, there are 52 weekends (52*2=104) and about 12 days of public holiday within a year. So adding up your (let’s say) 24 days of leave entitlement from work, you kinda’ have 140 free days a year.

Here’s a word of advice: don’t spend them on the sofa, there is so much to see and learn out there in the World. Just go.

Without any more introduction, here’s how we did it in 2017.

After we have left Italy out of our travel plans for years, in January we gave it a try. Rome and Vatican are just something to behold from just any angle or hight.



In March our HaiHui Story set foot in Ireland.

Our short stay was enough to discover the top spots in Dublin you can visit for free, and escape to the secret side of the country, Howth Head.



In June we left for the most spectacular summer roadtrip so far: 15 days, 3000 km and 6 countries crossed.

Tasting a little bit of Romania on the way out, and Bulgaria on the return route, we had the chance to discover Hungary, Croatia (ZagrebPlitviceZadarSplit Dubrovnik), Bosnia and Serbia.

Just look at these beauties!









August is when we returned to our loved waterlands in the Netherlands.

If we were not sure how much we love this country, now there is no doubt: I was Dutch for sure in a previous life. 🙂

The days spent here were all about fishing villages, cheese, tulip-fields, windmills, futuristic eco cities, and everything in between.



Diving into the democracy womb in Athens, flying over the Cyclades, chasing the Santorini sunsets, watching airplanes over the black sand beach of Kamari, this was our September in Greece.



November: even with a short business trip in Germany, there was time to see Dusseldorf getting ready for the Christmas holidays.

Happy new year, travel fellows! May it be the best so far. 


What’s next for 2018? The biggest adventure of our lives!

We will announce it shortly on our facebook page:

Don’t forget to pay us a visit on Instagram as well:

Stay posted. 😀

17 thoughts on “Best of 2017. Travel tips. What’s next.

    1. Yeah, 2017 was the best for us! 🙂 And when you add the weekends, and all the public holidays and your leave entitlement at work, it’s really cool to know you have like 140 free days per year!!! I did the math last year, to know on how much free time i can count on:))) I hope 2018 will exceed all expectations. I wish you the same, dears! Safe travels! And stay posted, you’ll find out soon what’s the next adventure. 🙂

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  1. If you want some times for sustainable places to eat and cool things to do in Ireland, let me know! (It’s my homeland and I’ve written Green Stars Reviews of quite a few places).

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