Wild beaches in Greece: Lefkada Island

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September 2016, Lefkada – Greece

“Waaaake me up,

When September ends!”

It’s the beginning of September, but summer has just begun for us. And guess who’s on the road again to the wild beaches of Greece!

After a 9-hours drive and 2 well deserved days of wandering around the vibrant Thessaloniki, we set foot on paradise.

Also known as Lefkada Island, Greece.

And just to make things easier, the island is linked with the mainland through a bridge, so no ferry needed.

Long story short, the exotic blue colour, wild beaches, lovely fishing villages and small taverns by the sea, will make you not wanna go back home.




I’m sure you’ll have a blast in exploring the island. But let’s see the hidden beaches we discovered.

Vassiliky Beach

Vassiliki is a picturesque fishing village, 37 km southwest of Lefkada Town.

It lies around the gorgeous bay, a long pebbled beach perfect for windsurfing and sailing.

Couldn’t have found a better place to stay. Get up in the morning, jump in your swimming suit, take the flip-flops, cross the street, and here you are.

Just to add some flavor: windsurfers’ parties and cool music in the evening! 😀




Porto Katsiki

Abrupt white cliffs with lush vegetation on top form a wild backdrop, for the deep blue waters of the Ionian. Or the Dinosaur’s tail, as I’ve secretly named it.

A word of advice: this one is really crowded, with people, scooters and cars as well. Try not to park the car very close to the beach, it can be impossible to get it out in the afternoon.






Megali Petra

This beach is totally unspoiled, ideal for nature lovers. Megali Petra offers a beautiful swimming experience, not to mention the breathtaking view from the top. I will always remember it as The Giant’s playground. You’ll understand why.

Advice: as you exit the main road to get to this one, you’ll notice that the seconday road almost does not exist! Designed only one-way, dirt paved, very narrow and with sudden twists, lack of barriers or any safety system, this is the road to hell. So do your car a favor and park somewhere up, on the main road. Cause’ we were sweating when we finally got down. Not from the heat! And my heart almost stopped when we were to return back up.





Agiofili Beach

This is one of the clearest beaches in Lefkada: crystal waters and white soft pebbles, surrounded by protective stone cliffs.

Hint: A nice trekking path connects Vassiliki with Agiofili, so you can even go by foot.






Overall, it was the best fish-based food ever.

Haloumi cheese, greek salads, delicious fish soups, tzatziki, souvlaki, fish roe, squid cooked in its ink, tuna steak, swordfish, octopus stewed or grilled, excellent olive oil, wine, ouzo, soumada (local drink from bitter almonds), mandolato & pasteli (types of sweet with sesame, honey & nuts), and I can still go on.


Where to stay

Kalias Hotel in Vassiliki, right across the beach.

Happy travels and stay safe!

17 thoughts on “Wild beaches in Greece: Lefkada Island

    1. Hahaha :))) i wish i could be there too! We had an wonderful time, the wild nature just amazes me every time! Now we’re back home to 8 degrees celsius, autumn is in her rights, but at least i have the pictures and nice memories :))) happy u like the story!

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  1. What a beautiful place, I am glad that you folks got the chance to experience it. Thank you for all of the great pictures of this beautiful place that I personally had never heard of. I am going to reblog this article for you.

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